Creating Global Connections with AuPairCare

Creating Global Connections with AuPairCare

AuPairCare staff met in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida and were treated to an inspiring story shared by AuPairCare au pair Alumni, Paulina. She shared the amazing impact that the au pair program had on her life, and the success she’s experienced as a result. The session ended with an extremely heartwarming moment where Paulina was greeted by her former host children during a surprise reunion!

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Like many young people, when Paulina graduated from high school, she was unsure of what to do.

It's hard to make a decision at that age. And I knew that if I learned English, I would have more opportunities. So I started looking for a program to go abroad. And then this au pair agency showed me the program and I fell in love. Being one year abroad with an American family, it was like the perfect dream to me.”

Due to her extensive background with childcare back home in Chile, she knew the au pair program was the right fit for her. A few months later, Paulina arrived in the U.S. to begin her journey as an au pair! With an excellent AuPairCare support system, Paulina had a successful program experience as an au pair with the Biggs family in Florida.

“I immediately liked them because they came as a family to the airport to pick up me. That was very important. And Bryce, who was eight years old, he was making fun all the time. He made me laugh a lot on the wayhome.And he was showing me every place that we passed through. So they were very, very nice to me.”

After an amazing year with the Biggs Family, Paulina headed back to Chile where she was ready to start a career with her newly enhanced English and people skills she gained during her time as a participant in the au pair program. Though her program ended, Paulina remained in contact with the Biggs Family, and Host Dad David even got to visit Paulina’s family while on a trip to Chile!

Paulina began working for an engineering company where she collaborated with engineers using her strong English skills and was able to share about North American business and culture. With her knowledge and skills in both topics, Paulina was able to help the company secure a contract with a big U.S. tech firm.

Today, Paulina runs the Happiness and Culture Department at the same company.

“I think that [this] happened to me because I did this program. As an au pair, I had the opportunity not only to master a language, I learned a culture. So, that makes this opportunity very different from my classmates, because all my classmates that study at the university, they learn English too, but they learn through the book.
So it's different when you live with real people and you get to know them and you have real conversations. And this program, I felt that it really opened doors. It really has. So I'm very proud to be an au pair.”

Creating impact, global connection, sharing culture, and forging new opportunities and experiences are at the heart of the au pair program and AuPairCare.

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