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Community News

We take great pride in supporting the AuPairCare Community, which is made up of families, au pairs, Area Directors and AuPairCare staff all over the world. In this section stay up to date on what our au pairs and host families are up to around the country, as well as AuPairCare initiatives and awards. 

The Sisterhood of Au Pairs - Matching with An AuPairCare Host Family

The Sisterhood of Au Pairs

This week we're highlighting the Iglesias sisters from Ecuador! The three sisters have a long history with AuPairCare, having all matched with the Singh family since 2015! Together they have made countless memories and continued a cherished au pair tradition and truly experienced cultural exchange.

Tuesday, January 4th
North Carolina AuPairCare Au Pairs American Camping Trip

Au Pairs Go on an American Campout

Since the pandemic, many au pairs only had the chance to connect virtually with one another, and a camp out in the woods was the perfect way to socialize and end the summer with traditional American marshmallows, s'mores, campfire sing-alongs, and ghost stories!

Wednesday, November 17th
AuPairCare Volunteers and Au Pair At the 2021 New York City Marathon Promote Cultural Exchange

AuPairCare at the New York City Marathon

This year, the New York City Marathon is back, with AuPairCare cheering on! Everyone in the AuPairCare family, from parents to au pairs and staff, joined the annual event to volunteer, celebrate, and promote cultural exchange.

Monday, November 8th
American Camping Adventure & Nature Day

American Camping Adventure & Nature Day

This summer, au pairs in the greater Chicago area went on a camping adventure, where they shared comradery and stories along the campfire, and enjoyed typical American dishes like s'mores and roasted hot dogs!

Wednesday, September 8th
AuPairCare Celebrates Exchange Day 2021

AuPairCare Celebrates Exchange Day 2021

In celebration of Exchange Day on August 2nd, we wanted to highlight some of our amazing au pairs throughout the years giving back to their community and showcasing the positive impact that exchange programs have on so many people!

Wednesday, August 4th
Au Pairs and Host Families Create a Global Cookbook of Recipes

Creating a Global Cookbook

This past spring, AuPairCare held a Global Cookbook virtual event where our au pairs, host families, and staff were asked to share a recipe of their choice from their home country. These recipes would then be turned into an AuPairCare Global Cookbook, showcasing delicious food and culture from all over the world!

Wednesday, July 7th
AuPairCare Celebrates Pride Month June 2021| Supporting our LGBTQ+ Community

AuPairCare Celebrates Pride Month 2021

Happy Pride! AuPairCare celebrates and supports the LGBTQ+ community, including our au pairs and host families, and to commemorate the end of Pride Month, we're sharing a few stories from the AuPairCare community sharing how they celebrated Pride Month. 

Wednesday, June 30th
AuPairCare Celebrates Earth Day With National Au Pairs

Picture Yourself Making a Change

Earlier this spring, au pairs and host families across the nation joined our virtual summit on sustainability in celebration of Earth Day. With cultural exchange and global understanding at the heart of the au pair program, it was fantastic to witness au pairs from Colombia to South Africa brainstorming ways to improve their local communities for themselves and the future.

Thursday, June 10th
Brazilian Au Pair Victoria Gives Back to her Community

Brazilian Au Pair Victoria Gives Back to her Community

While Brazilian au pair Victoria looked forward to celebrating her first holiday in the United States, her first Easter turned out to be even more special than she had ever imagined when she teamed up to work with an organization called Loaves and Fishes to provide food and clothing to the homeless community.

Wednesday, April 28th
Japanese Au Pair Builds an Online Community for Learning & Culture

Japanese Au Pair Builds an Online Community for Learning & Culture

When Moeka arrived to the United States from Japan, she brought the gift of hope - to use her time in the U.S. to connect and make a difference in the lives of others, even during the pandemic. We are so proud of Moeka for conducting online ESL and multi-lingual classes for any au pairs interested in learning other languages or cultures!

Friday, April 16th