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AuPairCare Resources

Supporting our participants throughout their au pair program is important to us at AuPairCare. Read in depth answers to all the questions you never knew you had about hosting or being an au pair


5 Reasons To Choose an Au Pair Agency

Curious if you should use a designated United States au pair agency vs arranging an au pair directly? Read the 5 reasons the answer is go with an Agency!

Wednesday, March 8th
Au Pair Program Taxes

Au Pair Program Taxes

We at AuPairCare are already getting lots of questions from host families and au pairs concerning taxes, so we aggregated some of the most requested information for your easy reference.

Friday, January 13th

For Host Parents: Helping Your Au Pair Beat Homesickness

Starting the au pair program is exciting for everyone but also requires an adjustment period. AuPairCare does a lot to prepare au pairs for missing home, but there are some ways you can help your au pair as well:

Friday, November 11th
Au Pair and Host Mom Extension Conversation

The Top 3 Tips for Having the Extension Conversation

Here at AuPairCare we receive tons of questions from first time host parents and au pairs! What does an au pair do? How do I find the right au pair for my family? One question that arises midway through the program year for both our au pairs and host parents is “How do I keep this great thing going?”

Wednesday, August 3rd

June Is National Safety Month

The National Safety Council, along with AuPairCare and thousands of other organizations across the country take this time to raise awareness about what it takes to keep you and your loved ones safe and thriving.

Wednesday, June 1st

Au Pair Program Glossary

AuPairCare's glossary defines a wide range of industry terms for those wanting to learn more about the US Department of State au pair program and au pair agencies.

Monday, April 11th

AuPairCare's Guide to Milestones in Childcare Development

Watching your tiny baby transform into a capable being with their own unique personality is a priceless experience. As you help them develop, you’ll want a childcare provider that is on the same page as you, caring not only for the physical needs of your child but also their emotional and social wellbeing.

Monday, November 23rd

Childcare Milestones: Development of Tweens

The final installment of AuPairCare's series on childcare milestones explains what parents and au pairs can expect with pre-teen and teen kids.

Friday, October 30th

Childcare Milestones: Development of School Aged Kids

The fourth installment of AuPairCare's series on childcare milestones explains what parents and au pairs can expect from grade school children seven to nine.

Tuesday, October 13th

Childcare Milestones: Development of Pre-Schoolers

The third installment of AuPairCare's series on childcare milestones explains what parents and au pairs should expect when caring for a pre-school aged child.

Tuesday, September 22nd