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Au Pair Stories

What's it like to be an au pair in America? Where do AuPairCare host families live? In this section you can read real stories from au pairs about their au pair adventure, their host families and all the great friends they've made on program. 

ultimate au pair from germany

Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Stefan from Germany

Stefan means the world to his host child Liam. In fact, he's the older brother Liam has always wanted!

Saturday, June 11th
ultimate au pair from south africa

Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Lee from South Africa

When the Cammilleri family expanded from one to two children, their South African au pair Lee was invaluable to that transition process not only for her host child, but for her host mom as well!

Saturday, June 4th
ultimate au pair from serbia

Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Valentina from Serbia

What Serbian au pair Valentina has brought to her Iowa family is a beautiful heart that shines through in her every action. Her host family is happy to have her!

Friday, May 27th
ultimate au pair from south africa

Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Micaela from South Africa

Micaela's host mom calls her the "superglue" that keeps her family together! She's brought South African culture to her California host family and they couldn't be happier.

Friday, May 13th
ultimate au pair from germany

Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Henrike from Germany

Hetty, a German au pair living with a host family in California, makes her host children feel confident, happy, safe and loved. Learn why the Saul family is grateful she joined their family

Tuesday, May 3rd

Featured AuPairCare AuPair - Michaela from Sweden

Meet Swedish au pair Michaela- she’s spent a total of 4 years with her host family in Colorado! Read Michaela’s story, told by her host mom.

Friday, April 22nd

Join the Au Pair Alumni Network

Join the Au Pair Alumni Network! This is a place for former program participants to share how the au pair program changed their lives and provide them a way to remain connected with AuPairCare.

Monday, January 11th

Featured AuPairCare Au Pair: Emelie from Sweden

Meet au pair Emelie from Sweden! Emelie lives in the greater San Francisco Bay Area with her host family, where she cares for their baby and 14 year old.

Monday, September 7th
Super Au Pair Care Dads

Why Our Host Dads Rock

In honor of Father's Day, we asked our au pairs why their host dads rock, and here are the three winners!

Monday, June 29th

Meet AuPairCare's 2015 Ultimate Host Moms

Congratulations to our three 2015 Ultimate Host Moms! Read why these au pairs think their host moms are the best!

Thursday, May 7th