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Au Pair Stories

What's it like to be an au pair in America? Where do AuPairCare host families live? In this section you can read real stories from au pairs about their au pair adventure, their host families and all the great friends they've made on program. 

Au pair An from Mexico and her host children

Featured Au Pair: An from Mexico

An has taken away so much from her experiences as an au pair that will benefit her in the future. She says, “Becoming an au pair has given me the chance to understand myself better and learn how to be more responsible."

Wednesday, October 23rd

My Host Family Experience: Maria's Ultimate Host Family

We are always so glad to hear our participants’ amazing stories written from their own experiences. Today we're sharing a story from au pair Maria from Spain and her incredible experience with her caring host family, the Safina family. 

Wednesday, October 16th
Au Pair Shiori from Japan with her host child

Featured Au Pair - Shiori from Japan

Shiori's host family shares how she has gone above and beyond the expectations for them by finding awesome activities for her host children and sharing her culture and language.  

Wednesday, September 4th
Ultimate Au Pair 2019

AuPairCare's 2019 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists

Every year AuPairCare host families take a moment to recognize the outstanding au pairs that have come into their lives and embraced the spirit of childcare and cultural exchange.

Thursday, February 28th
2019 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Darlyn from Colombia

Ultimate Au Pair 2019 Finalist: Darlyn from Colombia

Read on how Darlyn uses her Spanish language skills to help teach her host children.

Sunday, February 24th
2019 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Moe from Japan

Ultimate Au Pair 2019 Finalist: Moe from Japan

Her host parents describe Moe as "patient, nurturing, artistic, creative, and adventurous"! It’s no wonder this Japanese au pair’s host family nominated her for au pair of the year.

Friday, February 22nd
2019 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Lydia from Germany

Ultimate Au Pair 2019 Finalist: Lydia from Germany

German au pair Lydia has tackled all the challenges of being in a foreign country with energy, grace, and love. Her host parents loved describing the care she gives to their son and daughter.

Monday, February 18th
2019 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Alejandra from Colombia

Ultimate Au Pair 2019 Finalist: Alejandra from Colombia

From her calm demeanor and compassion to teaching her host child Spanish words, Aleja has become a beloved member of her Host Family.

Thursday, February 14th
Meet Laurien - 2019's Ultimate Au Pair

Meet AuPairCare's Ultimate Au Pair Winner 2019 - Laurien from Brazil

Laurien is an au pair from Brazil who has meant the world to her host family. Read how she's helped support her host family of 9 children, and how their match was like "an answered prayer"! 

Friday, February 8th
Julia from Germany - 2019 Ultimate Au Pair Second Place Winner

2019 Ultimate Au Pair Runner-Up: Julia from Germany

Host mom Crista describes au pair Julia as "the world's greatest au pair...we forever have a family member from Germany because of this au pair program". 

Wednesday, February 6th