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Au Pair Stories

What's it like to be an au pair in America? Where do AuPairCare host families live? In this section you can read real stories from au pairs about their au pair adventure, their host families and all the great friends they've made on program. 

California host family with german au pair

Featured Au Pair: Lea from Germany

Families of all shapes and sizes are working through the challenging times the pandemic brings. For the Chou family, their au pair Lea has been their rock, a great model, and a true big sister for her host children. Way to go, Lea!

Wednesday, August 5th
Brazilian Au Pair Bruna with her Host Family

Featured Au Pair: Bruna from Brazil

Host mom Jennifer and host dad Robert are both US Air Force pilots. As parents of four children and officers in the military, they juggle serving their country and the needs of their children every day. The family decided to host an au pair when expecting baby #4 and as their careers were literally taking off! When Jennifer's job developments brought big changes, the family was so happy that Bruna extended with them!

Wednesday, July 1st
Brazilian Au Pair Ana and her Host Kids Playing Outside

Staying Positive, Healthy, and Active While Staying at Home

While we all continue to stay at home during the health pandemic, it can be challenging to make sure the whole family maintains healthy and happy bodies and minds. Brazilian au pair Ana in New York is coming up with fun and creative ways to keep her host children busy and engaged while they stay at home!

Wednesday, May 13th
Au pair Maud from France and her Host Mom

Featured Au Pair: Maud from France

For the Lelarge family and their three children, French au pair Maud has brought a taste of French culture into their home - from helping homeschool the children in a new language to inspiring the whole family with French cooking! 

Friday, April 24th
Au pair Neza from Slovenia with her host children

Featured Au Pair: Neza from Slovenia

For the Carvajal family and their three young children, they knew welcoming Slovenian au pair Neza into their home was the right choice - they had found their "unicorn au pair"!

Friday, March 27th
Au Pair's Experience of American Culture

Experiencing American Culture as an Au Pair

Not only do au pairs are bringing their cultures to their host families, but au pairs are also experiencing real American culture during their program year. Hear how Louise from Brazil has been experiencing American culture and how she is sharing her new perspective with her host family!

Wednesday, March 18th
Au pair Florian with his host children

Featured Au Pair: Florian from France

For this host family from Colorado, Florian can do it all - big brother, fort-maker, board game master, parenting partner, and family member. 

Tuesday, February 25th
AuPairCare's 2020 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists and Winner

AuPairCare's 2020 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists and Winner

Every year AuPairCare host families take a moment to recognize the outstanding au pairs that have come into their lives and embraced the spirit of childcare and cultural exchange.

Friday, January 31st
Au pair Suelen from Brazil with her Host Child

2020 Ultimate Au Pair: Suelen from Brazil

Suelen is an au pair from Brazil who has meant the world to her host family. Read how she's become a member of their family, a big sister to their children, and an important member of the au pair community.

Friday, January 31st
Au pair Helena from South Africa with her Host Child

2020 Ultimate Au Pair: Helena from South Africa

Host mom Michelle describes au pair Helena as "indisputably the very BEST additional family member of which a person could dream!" Read on for Helena's story.

Friday, January 31st