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Au Pair Stories

What's it like to be an au pair in America? Where do AuPairCare host families live? In this section you can read real stories from au pairs about their au pair adventure, their host families and all the great friends they've made on program. 

Featured Au Pair: Selay from Turkey

Featured Au Pair: Selay from Turkey

Host mom Lauren shares how au pair Selay from Turkey has positively impacted their family forever! She says "Though our family still has new challenges during this pandemic, Selay has exceeded every imaginable expectation and gave us a new normal that brings us so much joy every day,,, together, we went from surviving to thriving".

Friday, June 4th
Featured Au Pair: Angie from Colombia

Featured Au Pair: Angie from Colombia

Au pair Angie from Colombia truly has left a mark on her host family - from helping navigate difficult situations like the pandemic, losing family members, and the switch to virtual schooling, the Morris family couldn't be more grateful for Angie and her care and dedication. Way to go, Angie!

Friday, May 21st
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair: Magda from South Africa

Featured Au Pair: Magda from South Africa

Host mom Michelle says it all about standout au pair Magda! "There is no doubt in my mind Magda is the ultimate au pair. She is a SUPERSTAR, best of her kind, and that is the epitome of "ultimate". She deserves to be recognized for her kind heart, nurturing ways, and selfless attitude".

Friday, May 7th
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair: Edilaine from Brazil

Featured Au Pair: Edilaine from Brazil

"Dih was the answer to our prayers". From the first responder McKinney family, the pandemic brought new challenges for their growing family that their au pair, Edilaine, aka Dih, handled with ease. Says host mom Carrie, "Dih is an incredible role model and amazing woman."

Friday, April 23rd
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair: Celina from Germany

Featured Au Pair: Celina from Germany

The Stanisch family in Maryland has found an amazing new member of their family in their au pair, Celina! Through the ups and downs, Celina has continued to be a rock for her host family. Host mom Kamila writes that "she has been an incredible addition to the family and continually demonstrates a resilience that is wonderful to see in a young adult."

Friday, April 9th
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair Eliana Andrea from Colombia

Featured Au Pair: Eliana Andrea from Colombia

The Camenisch family in Washington has so many sweet things to say about their au pair Eliana (known as Andrea or Dre to her host family)! Host mom Diana writes that she "is like an older daughter, younger sister, and dear friend wrapped into one...Dre is constantly helping Toni to discover who she is and reinforcing by example and such deep love how to be a kind, fun, empathetic and compassionate person in the world."

Friday, March 26th
Featured Au Pair: Sabrina from Austria

Featured Au Pair: Sabrina from Austria

Like many families, the Mabardy family experienced a difficult 2020. But with their awesome au pair Sabrina by their side, they all came together making amazing memories along the way. Sabrina's host mom says "From day one, it was love at first sight with Sabrina...the joy and happiness she has brought to our family during a very dark year is indescribable."

Friday, March 19th
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair Pamela from Ecuador

Featured Au Pair: Tamires from Brazil

For the Mallay family in Texas, their au pair's arrival came at the perfect time. With a new baby on the way and school closures, au pair Tamires from Brazil "brought a level of calm that I'm not sure words can justifiably describe", says her host mom. "Not only is she an ultimate au pair, but also a champion for the entire au pair program in general."

Friday, March 12th
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair Pamela from Ecuador

Featured Au Pair: Pamela from Ecuador

From celebrating milestone birthdays to leading virtual learning and lots of delicious home cooking, the Kenty host family shares just how much au pair Pamela has become a part of their family! They have extended their time together for an extra six months, and host mom Heidi shares that  "Pamela is always on top of things - I trust her more than anyone else to take the best care of my children while my husband, Brian and I continue to navigate the intricacies of working from home during these challenging times."

Wednesday, March 3rd
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair Milsuzu from Japan

Featured Au Pair: Misuzu from Japan

For the Baek family, their au pair Misuzu has "been an absolute rockstar during this unexpected pandemic" and "indisputably become a part of our family". While her program year might not have started as expected, Misuzu has gone above and beyond to make the best of the au pair experience for herself and her host family.

Wednesday, February 17th