All About Infants Training Program

All About Infants Training Program
“Camilla's training put us at ease. Not only did she have great previous experience caring for children, but she was also trained by AuPairCare, which gave us peace of mind. Most moms are nervous about having someone take care of their baby, so peace of mind is worth a lot.”- The Curkowski Family

All About Infants is an enhanced training for au pairs who will care for babies up to 8 months old. As the first au pair agency to develop a program on infant-specialized childcare, we've been able to fine tune our curriculum over the years. This dynamic online course begins with extensive infant safety training, covering safety at bath time, at sleep time, and during transport. 

The curriculum for AuPairCare's All About Infants Course is built around the idea that maintaining child safety is the most important aspect of an au pair's duties. This course also addresses how to monitor developmental stages and how to provide stimulating activities through sign language and play.  

Over 20 specific topics are addressed during this online course, including:

Bottle Feeding & Solids​, Bathing, Diapering & SleepingAu pairs will learn how to confidently create a routine that fits their infant's needs, how to correctly feed with breastmilk or bottle, how to introduce solids and variety, how to diaper and put an infant to sleep. 

Transportation safety with carriers, strollers & car seats​
Au pairs receive training in baby proofing homes, U.S, standards for transporting children in cars and carriers, and SIDS prevention and infant sleeping.

Common sicknesses & discomforts and common treatments​
It is always challenging taking care of babies who cannot communicate verbally how they are feeling. Au pairs are taught about the signs to look for in common ailments for babies and the recommended methods for handling these situations. 

Infant Sign Language & Infant Massage
Au pairs are encouraged to promote their babies' development through various age appropriate, safe activities presented in the class, for example infant sign language and infant massage.

The All About Infants course prepares au pairs to give babies the special care and attention they need. Host families can purchase this course for $349 when they finalize their match, or anytime during their program.

**Please note, this online training does not count towards the US Department of State required hours of classroom Education. 

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