AuPairCare Infant Specialized Curriculum

AuPairCare Infant Specialized Curriculum

'Camilla's training put us at ease. Not only did she have great previous experience caring for children, but she was also trained by AuPairCare, which gave us peace of mind. Most moms are nervous about having someone take care of their baby, so peace of mind is worth a lot.' " The Curkowski Family

The curriculum for AuPairCare's infant specialized program is built around the idea that maintaining child safety is the most important aspect of an au pair's duties. As the first agency to develop an Infant Specialized program we've been able to fine tune our curriculum over the years. Over 20 specific topics are addressed during the 5 day program in a hands on environment that includes a real nursery. Read some of the highlights below:

Infant Scheduling and Communication with Host Parents

Au pairs learn about the different types of routines for babies and the importance of following the host family's preferred method when caring for their baby. Au pairs are also encouraged to make use their AuPairCare daily diaries, which facilitate the dialogue between parents and au pairs about their childcare.

Infant Stages of Development & Developmental Activities

The first year developmental milestones are discussed in depth. The Trainers and au pairs and tshare their infant care experience and knowledge to further unfold the physical, mental and social milestones their babies will likely display during the year ahead. Au pairs are encouraged to promote their babies' development through various age appropriate, safe activities presented in the class, for example infant sign language and infant massage.

Baby Safety

All Infant Specialized au pairs perform practical testing of their CPR skills in order to become CPR certified through the American Safety & HealthInstitute. Additionally au pairs receivetraining in baby proofing homes, U.S, standards for transporting children in cars and carriers, and SIDS prevention and infant sleeping. With this hand-ontraining, au pairs will feel more comfortable and confident with the American style ofchild rearing.

Baby Ailments & Medications

It is always challenging taking care of babies who cannot communicate verbally how they are feeling. Au pairs are taught about the signs to look for in common ailments for babies and the recommended methods for handling these situations. Presentations are partnered with hands-on tools and practice, so that au pairs become comfortable with American thermometers, medicine droppers, aspirators etc.

Learn more about the infant specialized program by reviewing program specifics, costsor hearfrom an au pair academy trainer.