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2013 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist Tamires from Brazil

Brazilian AuPairCare Au Pair

Dear AupairCare,

We are the Payne Family. We have been a host family for almost seven years. This year is extra special for us. We feel so blessed to have Tamires as our Au Pair. Each year we receive your email requesting host families to nominate their Ultimate Au Pair. We could not let this opportunity pass without nominating our lovely Au Pair and host daughter Tamires. There is no doubt, we have the ultimate Au Pair.

Tamires (Tami) arrived to our home August 2013. Her level of commitment and dedication to our family is immeasurable. From the time she set foot in our home, she has been eager to make our experiences memorable. Her kind spirit and passion to care for children is beyond what we expected. Therefore, we want AupairCare and other host families know how grateful we are to have Tamires.

For each letter of Tamires’ name, we explain why she earns the title of Ultimate Au Pair!


The Payne Family

T – Talented Teacher – Tami’s love of education shows throughout our home. Her level of involvement shows us that she cares about how our children perform in school. Kids are little sponges and they learn if you give them time and show them patience, Tami believes. Around our house and car are signs of “learning love” that Tami has created for our children. Her fluency with the English language and experience as a former teacher provided us immediate gratitude. Everything she does takes confidence and skill, which she definitely has!

A – Adventurist – She is quite our adventurer. Tami loves our family vacations and the unpredictable activities that come. She is a trooper and goes “with the flow.” She makes sure that kids are having a great time, along with her. We want her experiences to not only be memories, but Great Memories!

M – Multifaceted – We have a daughter that is 13 years old and two boys ages 6 and 4 years old. Tami quickly realized the age difference requires some creativity in daily activities to make sure the need and the interest of our kids are met. She makes sure that there is a block of time in each day where focus is given to children individually and collectively.

I – Intelligent – Tami has a desire to learn many things about the American culture. Her depth of knowledge at the early age of 21 years is impressive. We have learned so many things from each other! Her background teaching at an American based school in Brazil helps her communicate and hold many in depth conversations.

R – Responsible – Tami is a reliable and punctual babysitter. More importantly, she is someone we TRUST! We feel trust is one of the most important traits a babysitter should possess. She time and energy is mainly focus on two active boys (4 and 6 years old). She has shown us and kids so much patience. She often matches their level of energy by joining in with their horseplay, which is what they welcome. Despite the demands of taking care of our children, she doesn’t complain.

E – Experienced – We know babysitting is not an easy task, but Tami has shown that her experience and background is strong. She knows how to adapt, if an unplanned circumstance arises, liking stepping in for us when we could not attend children’s Halloween Party. Tami has negotiated many arguments the children have had over toys. Any undesirable behavior the children are exhibiting is confronted with a calm talk and agreed upon consequence.

S – Selfless and Sensitive – Tami definitely puts our kids’ wants before her own on many occasions. She strives to do whatever makes the kids happy. There have been times when her work day had ended and she continues to play and/or do activities with the kids, because they beg for more time with her.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story and why we think Tamires is The Ultimate Au Pair!

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