Quick Au Pair Thinking Saves Host Child

Quick Au Pair Thinking Saves Host Child

Recently Ohio Host Dad Glenn shared the story of how the quick thinking of his au pair Petra saved the life of his daughter Teagon.

“Our four year old was choking in her car seat, and our au pair Petra got her out and did the Heimlich. As an emergency doctor, I see many people freeze in crisis. She did a great job. She learned how to do it at the Au Pair Academy. Worthy of sharing with other parents.” - Glenn Burns, Ohio Host Dad

We reached out to Petra to hear the story in her own words:

Petra had picked up Teagan from school and while waiting in the car for her older siblings, she gave her a snack. Suddenly, she heard Teagon making noises

"like like someone trying to catch a breath.  I realized she was choking and  jumped out of the car, unbuckled her and pulled her out." Petra explained.

Petra and her host dad had talked about what to do if one of the children began choking, and she remembered both his instructions and her training at Au Pair Academy.

"Since she is so small, I first put her in the position that you would put a baby that was choking, but that wasn't working. I then stood her up and put my arm around her hips, bent her over my arm, and lifted her up slightly in order to bend her torso. Then I began to hit her back. After several hits I put her back on her legs and ask if she could breathe, but she still couldn’t, so I repeated the action again. Finally she made a noise as if she was going to throw up, and she spit up what she was choking on. Teagan started to cry but I hugged her and told her everything was OK until she calmed down. I am so grateful that I did not freeze and was able to help her!”

I am so grateful that I did not freeze and was able to help her!”

Petra says her favorite thing about being an au pair is when she makes her host kids laugh,  and that she loves being part of a family and their daily dinners when everyone says her or his favorite part of the day.

We’re also glad that Teagon is ok and that Petra was able to stay calm and act quickly!  We’re also thankful to the entire Burns family for sharing this story with us!

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