Hear From a Host Mom: A New Member of the Family

Hear From a Host Mom: A New Member of the Family

Jane and Michael Banks said it best: "If you want this choice position have a cheery disposition… You must be kind, you must be witty, very sweet and fairly pretty. Take us on outings, give us treats. Sing songs, bring sweets.” Before we joined AuPairCare, we would have never thought finding our own Mary Poppins would ever be possible. Even though we were told that having an au pair in our family would truly change our lives, we just weren't convinced… until we met Katrin. From Day 1, Katrin has been a true joy and quite a blessing for everyone in our family.

Although she's only been with us for about two months, in that short time, she has become such a loved and trusted member of our family. Our children love her and can't wait for mommy and daddy to go to work so they can play with Katrin! Not only does she play their favorite games with them, but she has also taught them some favorite children's games from Germany. Our four year old sings songs in German around the house, and both he and his two year old sister surprised us with their ability to count to 10 in German! She's also shared some favorite German dishes, like spaetzle, with us! Our 4 month old also loves Katrin. Although she can't yet tell us, it is clear that our baby finds comfort with Katrin and trusts her to meet her needs and fill her days with new experiences. Katrin joined us when our baby was just 7 weeks old, and we have been so pleased with the love and attention Katrin gives our little girl when we are at work and can't be with her.

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We hope that Katrin has enjoyed our family just as must as we've enjoyed her! We have loved sharing our culture and traditions with her. We've visited a pumpkin patch and went trick or treating for Halloween, and we've recently celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional American feast! We also regularly have meals together, have weekend movie nights, and attend church as a family every Sunday. We treasure our time together, and believe that we truly have the ultimate au pair! We look forward to sharing many more special days – and every day moments – together in the months ahead!

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