Hear From a Host Mom: A Blessing For Our Family

Hear From a Host Mom: A Blessing For Our Family

Before Brenda joined our family, we were struggling to keep our heads above water. With three kids under seven and a full-time business that required more than full-time hours, we dressed ourselves out of the dryer, scrambled to figure out dinner at the last minute, and argued over whose work was more important at the moment and who needed to watch the kids.

Then, Brenda joined our family in August. She has been such a blessing. She is organized, calm, and anticipates any need that may come up. The diaper bag always has diapers! Imagine that! When she first arrived, my children did not understand where all of their clothes had gone. Well, Brenda had folded them and put them away in their drawers! My children are calmer and more organized now. They know what to expect, where to put toys away, and their days are much happier. We have even had home-cooked family meals because Brenda and I have worked together on meal planning, and I have help to watch the kids while I cook.

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Our time with our children is happier too. Because Brenda relieves so much stress, we can truly spend quality time with our kids. We even have the opportunity to spend one on one time with each of them. Our marriage has improved as well because we are able to have consistent, reliable date nights. Brenda has shared a lot with us about her culture. My children have enjoyed learning the different words she uses for different items, about driving on the other side of the road, and the songs and games she has brought with her. We could not be happier.

The Patterson Family from Texas

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