Featured AuPairCare Au Pair - Chenae from South Africa

Featured AuPairCare Au Pair - Chenae from South Africa

Transitioning to a new au pair can sometimes be a big change, but it's best to look at this time as an opportunity to form new relationships. Au pair Chenae from South Africa lives in Washington DC with her host family and by the end of her placement, will have been with them for 2 full years! Her host family consists of Mom, Dad and 2 boys aged 6 and 9. They all adore her, saying,

Chenae is our seventh au pair in as many years and has been by far the best one we have had. We had spent three months finding an au pair to replace an au pair who had been with us for two years and was deeply loved by our two young boys. We were concerned that the boys would not bond with our new au pair because they would resent her for replacing their beloved Andrea. The minute we first spoke with Chenae on Skype, we knew she would be perfect. Her smile was so genuine and kind and she was so easy to speak with. She loves playing sports with kids and with two active boys, we knew this would help win them over fast. Chenae's love of her family was a good indicator of the love she would have for our family. The children keep telling Chenae they hope she can stay here forever. My husband and I feel the same way.

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