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Featured AuPairCare Au Pair - Talia from Brazil


Deciding to extend your au pair year can be a difficult decision, but for Taila from Brazil it was certainly the right one. Read Taila’s story in her own words below!

While living with them, I have learned not only about the American culture, but I have learned more about life.

I am in my second year with my host family. While deciding whether to stay with the same host family or get a chance to have a new experience with a new host family, I chose to stay. It was the best decision I could have made. I stayed with the same host family, but kept experiencing new things like moving to a new house and welcoming a new baby girl. I’ve been taking care of two little girls that have won my heart. These children brighten my day! I refer to my host family as my American family. We are pretty much like a team and I love them. We have a lot of fun together. While living with them, I have learned not only about the American culture, but I have learned more about life.

Spending 44 hours of my week with my two little girls helped me to see the world in a different way. I wake up every morning wondering ‘What am I going to learn with these girls today?’ Most of the time, I learn to appreciate the little and simplest things of life. We explore the world together every day, whether going on an adventure in the backyard or trying to figure out how things work inside the house. After a tough and long day, their smile comforts my heart. I’ve caught myself singing lullabies when I’m not working, thinking about activities to do with the girls that help their development, smiling in front of the computer while going through ‘old’ pictures we took together, wondering who they are going to be when they grow up, and thinking of what a boring life it could be when I leave this family. Now, a little bit over 4 months from the end of my au pair program, my host family and I talk about ways to keep in touch and deal well with the distance.

The au pair program has added to my personal and professional life. I’ve improved my English, my creativity and my patience. I’ve learned to pay attention to what kids have to say and see things from other's perspective.

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