Au Pair Travel: Berkeley, California

Au Pair Travel: Berkeley, California

America loves baseball, and to kick off the 2016 season a group of au pairs in the San Francisco Bay Area enjoyed the sights and sounds of this favorite pastime! It was a warm and sunny Sunday in March when a group of over 25 au pairs attended a University of California Berkeley baseball game.

The group showed up ready and excited, many dressed in Blue and Gold to cheer on the hometown Cal Berkeley Bears. They were eager to show their pride but also equally enthusiastic about learning the rules of the American sport. The local AuPairCare Area Director, Jane, was happy to spend the day fielding the many questions the girls had such as

“When do you run and when you would not run?”, “What is stealing a base?”, “Why is a fly ball an out?” and “What happens if they hit the ball over the wall?”

Au pair Charis from Belgium loved the atmosphere and compared the afternoon to soccer back home. She shared

Americans love the baseball. We see it in the movies.

“Americans love the baseball. We see it in the movies. Coming to California, I knew I wanted to see a game and understand it.  In Belgium we love soccer. I can compare baseball to soccer as we both have big fans. The baseball game we went to with all the au pairs was quite fun, better than a soccer match. Baseball has music, food, cheers and it was fun to go with au pairs from all around the world who could not understand the rules, yet we did understand how to be a baseball fan and have fun.”

au pairs in berkley ca

Throughout the outing, the au pairs became more familiar with how the game was played and took a particular liking to the song played during the 7th inning stretch, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. Overall the group had a truly memorable day laughing, learning and taking in the sunshine!

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