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Au Pair Safety: Never Drive Distracted

au pair drive safety

At Au Pair Academy, we reinforce to our au pairs all aspects of child safety. The learning doesn’t stop after they've reached their placements however. The Au Pair Academy team wants to help reinforce safety throughout the program year, and to help  create an open dialogue between au pairs and host families. That’s why we email on program host families and au pairs monthly refreshers of their Academy training. This month AuPairCare is partnering with the National Safety Council to remind all au pairs about the importance of not being distracted drivers.

Driving is one of the most important tasks you’ll have during your au pair year. It requires constant focus and a commitment to avoiding distractions at all times. We want to ensure that both you and your smallest passengers arrive to your destinations safely. Here are some guidelines to adhere too:

  • Never text and drive. Watch this video to hear from other young adults how dangerous a post, glance, email or text can be.
  • 25% of accidents are related to cell phone distractions. Keep your eyes on the road and set your GPS or music prior to starting your trip. 
  • Other distracting activities that you should avoid while driving are: eating, putting on make-up, listening to loud music or turning your head to talk to a passenger.
  • Stay focused. If your host children become fussy while driving, safely pull over before tending to them.
  • On the road, off the phone - never use your phone while driving!

To learn additional information about this topic, please visit Make Safe Happen and the National Safety Council websites.

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