8 Au Pair Approved Summer Safety Tips

8 Au Pair Approved Summer Safety Tips

Au pairs are reminded at their training that there is no greater priority than ensuring their host children are safe. Whether you have a live-in nanny, babysitter or au pair, you can benefit from these helpful tips. Check out our top 8 list of au pair approved summer safety tips!

  1. Apply sunscreen to your host children before taking them outside. Ask your host parents which sunscreen is best to use.
  2. Be safe at the pool, that means no one should be running, no playing around pipe drains and openings and above all avoid being distracted!
  3. Drink lots of water. Ensure both you and your host children stay hydrated to reduce the chance of heat sickness.
  4. Always wear helmets when riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards or anything with wheels.
  5. Ask your host parents about known allergies to insect bites and how to best protect host children.
  6. Memorize emergency phone numbers like 911 and your host parents' mobile numbers.
  7. Keep band aids and other first aid items close by. Always ask your host family BEFORE giving a child any medications.
  8. Communicate and ask your host parents any questions you may have!! They'll be happy to review the rules for you and help enforce them with their children.

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