Creative At-Home Challenges for Kids!

Creative At-Home Challenges for Kids!

Fort Challenge!

Recently, Area Director Lauren came up with the great idea to host a Build-Your-Own-Fort Challenge! Knowing how much kids love the excitement and adventure that comes with making your very own fort, she set out to host a fort competition! Area Director Lauren asked each of her families to build their most creative fort - either inside or outside - and the winning family would receive a small prize!

A build-your-own fort challenge great to encourage fun and creative activities that help bond your family together and create memories that last forever. Area Director Lauren shares that it was really fun to see how imaginative everyone was and the au pairs said that they had a lot of fun, too! The winning host family, the Soieros, and their au pair Nadia had a fantastic fort with all the trimmings! Au pair Nadia shared:

We all enjoyed building the fort. We gathered all the blankets and pillows we could find. We didn't have a specific outline for it; we all had very different ideas, so we used our creative minds to figure something out and put it all together. The best part was spending time in there after we finished! The kids don't do a lot of activities together anymore due to age difference and personal interests, and this allowed them to all do something fun together.
build a fort challenge activity for kids and au pairs in summer

build a fort activity for kids and au pair

Check out some of the great forts, and find out how to start your own Fort Challenge here!


Themed Dinner Nights!

When everyone's stuck at home, what's the best way to bring everyone together? Food! Recently, a Pennsylvania host family decided to start a new tradition of themed dinner nights, and their Brazilian au pair Camila decided to kick off the first dinner by celebrating her Brazilian culture! Au pair Camila got creative in the kitchen and prepared a thoughtful meal of dishes from her home country of Brazil. Camila went above and beyond by putting together a delicious (and educational!) evening at home. The host kids loved trying out the new dishes while the family learned about a different culture.

brazilian dinner made by au pair and host family at home cultural exchange

brazilian au pair and host family cook family meal together cultural exchange

Host mom Abby shares that in addition to Camila leading the first family dinner theme night, Camila "help[ed] share her culture with us, and please note she labeled what dishes were not safe for AJ because of his allergy! We dressed up to represent different aspects of Brazil as well, which made her laugh and I think she appreciated our efforts. She is such a blessing to our family. She deserves to be highlighted for everything she does for us."

brazilian au pair and host children cultural exchange at home

Stayed tuned as we share more creative challenges that you can do at home with your kids!

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