2013 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist Esena from Bosnia

2013 Ultimate Au Pair Finalist Esena from Bosnia

Our kids have three parents: Mommy, Daddy, and Esena. We proudly say that many times our kids prefer Esena. Who wouldn't? She is a shining light of positive energy eager to try anything new. She has embraced our community, our religion, our lifestyle, and our friends, which has helped her be the best possible caregiver to our children. Mommy and Daddy can leave the kids with Esena and there is no separation anxiety. When our daughter was asked recently who was her best friend, she said Esena.

Esena has shared so much with us and has been such a wonderful addition to our family that she chose to stay for a second year! Esena was with us when our son took his first steps; she was with us when the stomach bug knocked us out, she was wish us when the tree fell on our fence; she was with us when we renovated the house; she was with us for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, vacations, and sad times too. And in between all those events, she was with us for each and every day.

Esena has taken our kids to the doctor, to the grocery store, to the park, to school, to the library, and everywhere in between. Like a real life Mary Poppins she always has snacks, diapers, and other key provisions in her bag.

Adventurous, but responsible, Esena has earned our trust and our admiration. She went skydiving a few weeks ago!! She is always ready for the next event and is rarely tired.

When Esena first joined our family, our then two-year-old locked herself in bathroom and could not get out. Daddy called the fire department while Esena did her best to keep our daughter calm. Another time, when we had a flat tire on the way to the Children's Museum, Esena took the kids in her car to the museum so that Mommy could focus on getting the tire changed. When Mommy and Daddy took a much needed vacation, Esena helped the grandparents take care of the kids.

We love being part of Esena's family too.

We love being part of Esena's family too. Her father and siblings in Bosnia are our friends on Facebook. When the Bosnia soccer team qualified for the 2014 World Cup, and by all accounts every Bosnian was rejoicing, we rejoiced as well. Esena has shared with us the sweets, breads, spices, and soups that she grew up cooking and eating in Bosnia. Space has been made on our kitchen counter for the blue and white box of Tuzlanska So (salt) from the lakes of Esena's hometown of Tuzla. Our serving collection now includes a traditional Bosnian copper tray adorned with a beautiful floral design.

This experience has blended two families and two cultures. Even after she goes back home, a part of Esena will always be here. Our children have a part of her in them. Also, we believe that a part of our family and our country will go home with Esena. We will always be bound by this shared experience and the love we all have for our kids. Thank you, Esena.

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