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AuPairCare Stories

Welcome to AuPairCare Stories, the official blog of AuPairCare. Made for parents and au pairs, AuPairCare Stories offers plenty of advice for every phase of the au pair program. You’ll also find out about the many countries our au pairs hail from and the amazing things they do once they are in the country. Looking for some fun activities for your family? You'll find that here as well!

Creative Activities for Kids While Staying At Home

Creative At-Home Challenges for Kids!

While summertime is traditionally a time when kids are out at camps or summer school, this year more children are staying at home with their families. Check out our list of fun challenges and activities that you can lead for your host kids this summer while everyone's at home!

Wednesday, July 15th
Au pairs and host families video chat with senior citizen home in Texas

Making Connections From Afar: Au Pairs and Families Video Chat with Senior's Home

In the midst of stay-at-home restrictions, au pairs, host families, and their Area Director took creative measures to connect virtually with members of their community.

Wednesday, July 8th
Brazilian Au Pair Bruna with her Host Family

Featured Au Pair: Bruna from Brazil

Host mom Jennifer and host dad Robert are both US Air Force pilots. As parents of four children and officers in the military, they juggle serving their country and the needs of their children every day. The family decided to host an au pair when expecting baby #4 and as their careers were literally taking off! When Jennifer's job developments brought big changes, the family was so happy that Bruna extended with them!

Wednesday, July 1st
Comforting your au pair during times of crisis

Caring For Your Au Pair in Tough Times

We like to say "home is where the heart is"...and in difficult times, this is truer than ever. Check out our tips for supporting your au pair through difficult times.

Tuesday, May 26th
Au Pairs Volunteer at Senior Citizen Home

Au Pairs Volunteer at Senior Citizen Home

Earlier this year, au pairs were able to spend an afternoon volunteering at a senior citizen's home for a special Valentine's Day surprise.

Wednesday, May 20th
Brazilian Au Pair Ana and her Host Kids Playing Outside

Staying Positive, Healthy, and Active While Staying at Home

While we all continue to stay at home during the health pandemic, it can be challenging to make sure the whole family maintains healthy and happy bodies and minds. Brazilian au pair Ana in New York is coming up with fun and creative ways to keep her host children busy and engaged while they stay at home!

Wednesday, May 13th
3 Reasons Why You Should Welcome an Au Pair When You Have a Toddler

3 Benefits of Welcoming An Au Pair When You Have a Toddler

Of course, you can welcome an au pair to your family with kids of all ages! When it comes to the toddlers (and pre-schoolers!), the ages and stages of 1-3 years old can be especially tricky. With an au pair in the home, you have an extra parenting partner to help navigate the toddler twos and threes!

Wednesday, May 6th
Live-in au pairs in Oregon volunteering at Children's Book Bank

Au Pairs Volunteer at Children's Book Bank

Earlier this year, au pairs in Portland, Oregon spent time volunteering at a local book bank for children. Au pairs Isa and Keletso shared how meaningful their volunteering work was by stating "It is good to know we have people that care about child literacy. This work makes [us] believe that the outlook for the future generation will be bright."

Wednesday, April 29th
Au pair Maud from France and her Host Mom

Featured Au Pair: Maud from France

For the Lelarge family and their three children, French au pair Maud has brought a taste of French culture into their home - from helping homeschool the children in a new language to inspiring the whole family with French cooking! 

Friday, April 24th
12 Indoor Activities for Kids and Au Pairs While Staying at Home Quarantining

12 Indoor Activities for Kids While Staying at Home

While social distancing might mean changing your children’s normal routine, there are still a ton of great ways to keep them occupied while they stay indoors. Check out these awesome indoor activities that your kids will love!

Tuesday, April 21st