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Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Valentina from Serbia

ultimate au pair from serbia

When people ask my husband and I how we balance raising 4 young kids in 2 cultures and languages, while pursuing 2 challenging careers, we look at each other, then at them, and both say at the same time "VALENTINA"! Valentina has been with us for about 20 months. She is our 4th Au Pair with AuPairCare and the first I've ever nominated for this award, because she has enriched and improved our family life in almost every area imaginable. To the children, she is a choreographing dance teacher and partner, a friend, a Serbian language and cultural teacher, and most importantly, a role model whom I am honored to have with them. In her 'free time' she finds text books and activities to teach our kids the Serbian language, and to invent fun dance and play routines to video tape for us to see when we come home from work. She is a magnet for children, both ours and everyone's who come near her, because of her attitude and her energy.

To my husband and I, she is the foundation of our home lives, she makes 'home' home

To my husband and I, she is the foundation of our home lives, she makes 'home' home. She goes above and beyond in everything she does, always making sure that not only the kids are well cared for, but that we feel welcome and happy to come home after a hard day at work.  Her energy and her positive attitude are contagious to all around her. She is one of the most considerate and well mannered young people I have ever met. Her heart is beautiful and shines through in every action she does, every day. Valentina is truly an Au Pair extraordinare! I humbly ask you consider her for this prestigious award.

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