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Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Lee from South Africa

ultimate au pair from south africa

Leaf, (how are three year old affectionately refers to Lee) became part of our family at the end of June. She stepped into our home with such an open mind. So many changes have taken place in our family since her arrival and each time she handles it with maturity and grace. Our family had just moved into a new home a few months prior to her arrival. She has helped the children and us settle in since day one. Organizing, unpacking, and more organizing.
Then, two months later, I gave birth to our son. She was a natural with him from the start. Not only did she help with the transition from one to two children, and ease big sister into her new role, but she also was so very helpful with my recovery. And just recently, she took on another new transition. About a month ago I returned to work full time. It was difficult for me, and the kids. Lee stepped up and has helped to make this very tough transition as smooth and easy as possible.
I love getting photos of the kids smiling and engaged in activities while I'm at work. I come home each day to my daughter excitedly telling me about the baking or art she did with Lee. It's reassuring to know my kids are happy while we're away.

It's reassuring to know my kids are happy while we're away.

"Leaf" is our ultimate au pair and we couldn't imagine going through any of these enormous life changes with anyone else! We are truly blessed.

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