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AuPairCare's 2020 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists and Winner

AuPairCare's 2020 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists and Winner

Every year at AuPairCare our host families take a moment to recognize the au pairs that have come into their lives and embraced the spirit of childcare and cultural exchange. This contest was one of the most competitive ever, but hundreds of entries and many deliberations, we have our list of finalists and winner! Be sure to read the stories of our wonderful au pair finalists and Ultimate Au Pair of the Year!

Ultimate Au Pair 2020 Suelen from Brazil

Winner Suelen from Brazil

Suelen is an au pair from Brazil who has meant the world to her host family. Read how she's become a member of their family, a big sister to their children, and an important member of the au pair community.

Ultimate Au Pair 2020 Helena from South Africa

Finalist Helena from South Africa

Host mom Michelle describes au pair Helena as "indisputably the very BEST additional family member of which a person could dream!" Read on for Helena's story.

Ultimate Au Pair 2020 Paola from Colombia

Finalist Paola from Colombia

Her host parents describe Paola as "a blessing to our entire family...I don't think anyone in the world could have been a better fit for our family". 

Ultimate Au Pair 2020 Cansu from Turkey

Finalist Cansu from Turkey

From designing her host child's first birthday cake to teaching her sign language, read how Cansu has become a beloved member of her Host Family.

Ultimate Au Pair 2020 Bruna from Brazil

Finalist Bruna from Brazil

Brazilian au pair Bruna has brought joy and happiness to her twin host children and host parents. Her host mom says "I can honestly say we hit the jackpot matching with Bruna".

Ultimate Au Pair 2020 Joanna from Sweden

Finalist Joanna from Sweden

Read how au pair Joanna - or "Miss Joanna" to her host children - has become a beloved family member and role model for her host children through her "thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, and love".