Ultimate Au Pair 2017 Finalist: Suzuko from Japan

Ultimate Au Pair 2017 Finalist: Suzuko from Japan

Suzy is a ROCK STAR in many ways, but especially when it comes to being the au pair of our two-year-old son. She's responsible, fun, easy-going, loving, and eager to make a difference. What more could you ask for in an au pair? Our Japanese au pair Suzuko "Suzy" has been looking after our 2-year-old son over the last year. She has developed an incredible bond with him (she's his big sister or second mother) and with her "can-do" attitude she has tackled all the challenges of being in a foreign country with energy, grace, and love. Because of Suzy, our son is growing up bilingual, switching easily between English and Japanese. He is learning Japanese crafts (e.g. origami), he loves to eat Japanese food which Suzy shapes into his favorite anime characters, and he has participated in several Japanese cultural events (e.g. rice cake pounding and summer festivals). Suzy also makes a significant effort to learn American culture - she organized a trip to an Easter egg hunt in the spring and got dressed up in a cowboy outfit for Halloween in the fall. She helped us make a traditional pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and enjoyed all the festivities with our family. Her English is getting better and better through her classes and hanging out with the many English-speaking friends she has quickly made with her outgoing personality.

Suzy works hard to make sure our son has a full schedule. She takes him out to different parks or the zoo to make sure he gets fresh air and exercise. In the summer, she took him swimming and she just started taking him to swim lessons too. On rainy days, she takes him to the local children's museum or the public library, where they spend hours reading. Running after a 2-year-old all day isn't easy, but she seems to have endless energy, love, and patience for our little boy! It's been a great pleasure and joy for us to have Suzy as part of our family and we never have to worry knowing that our son is in her good hands!

We feel lucky that she's extended her stay with us and we can't wait for the adventures we'll share together this next year.

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