Ultimate Au Pair 2017 Finalist: Isabela from Brazil

Ultimate Au Pair 2017 Finalist: Isabela from Brazil

As I look back over the last year, it's hard to put into words the many ways that Isabela has impacted our family. From the first moment we met at the airport, I knew she was going to be just what our family needed. Isabela joined us when our youngest was just 6 months and our oldest was 5. The boys were immediately smitten and it's easy to see why. Not only are my boys fed, clothed and cleaned, but their days are filled with joy. Their days are packed with hikes and swimming, art projects and science experiments, and trips to the library and the museum. Isabela doesn't try to just get through the day, she ensures that each day is filled with love and learning. Isabela does not only take care of the boys, she makes their childhood magical. My oldest loves to bike and takes great pride in riding to school. Isabela starts each day early in order to ensure the bikes are ready for their morning trip to school. She then bikes my son to and from school with the baby in tow in a bike trailer!

Isabela has travelled to 8 states with us and has celebrated Easter, Thanksgiving and 4 different Christmas celebrations with our family around the country. She is teaching the boys some Portuguese and shares with us her favorite Brazilian dishes. As parents, Isabela supports us as well. From helping with the nightly dishes to just having an adult chat after a long day, Isabela is committed to being a part of the family. She has also been there for us during hardship. She travelled with us when we lost a family member, helping with the boys when we needed a break and giving them a sense of security during an uncertain time. Isabela has truly made a tremendous impact on our family. The love that Isabela has for the boys is evident. As busy parents, we want nothing more than to know that our children are well cared for, loved and happy. Isabela gives us that sense of peace, even when we cannot be the ones there to provide it.

We are blessed that Isabela will be joining us for another year. In a world filled with uncertainty, the one constant we never have to worry about is the care and love that Isabela provides for our boys. We look forward to another year of fun travels, blessed holidays and the everyday joys of family.

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