The Top 4 Reasons You Might Need an Au Pair

The Top 4 Reasons You Might Need an Au Pair

Check out the top four reasons you might need an au pair.

4. You have multiple children.

Parents know that adding one or more children to the mix can cause life to go from tranquil to hectic in less than 60 seconds. Many of our host families come to us when they're about to welcome their second child and for good reason! Au pairs become another set of hands, ready and willing to soothe the crying baby while you tend to the two-year-old with spaghetti in her hair.

3. Your ever-changing work schedule.

Imagine this, you need to pick up the kids from soccer practice and your spouse is out of town at a conference. At 4:15 pm, one hour before you are about to leave work, a crisis strikes! The corporate website is down, your clients have asked for something by tomorrow, and a meeting gets pushed back, with an au pair, you have another flexible parenting partner who can help fill in the gaps.

2. You want the benefits of cultural exchange.

We're always working to give our kids every advantage we can, choosing an au pair is an opportunity to immerse your kids in a new language when they are young and very receptive! Imagine them saying thank you in another language. Your kids (and you as well) will be exposed to new foods, customs, and traditions. They'll gain an older sibling from another country.

1. You miss date night!

Remember your spouse? That's a little tongue and cheek but sometimes it can honestly feel that way. By the time you've picked a night that works, found a babysitter, and made it out of the house, you've already spent a fair amount of money and time before your date even starts! With a live-in au pair, you can easily schedule weekly date nights (or just some peace and quiet) while the kids are safely cared for by someone you trust.

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