Hear from an Area Director: Tips for First Time Host Families

Hear from an Area Director: Tips for First Time Host Families

Area Directors love meeting with a first time host family for their in-home interview! The au pair program is childcare and cultural exchange all wrapped in to one, but let's be honest it can be a little daunting to have someone from another country live in your home and take care of your children. That's why our Area Directors are there to provide support and answer every single question you have about the program. Below are some tips sourced from AuPairCare Area Directors on how to have the most successful program year!

Prepare for your Au Pair Interviews.

The au pair interview process is super important to host families. To help you prepare, be sure to read our Host Family Interviewing Guide or our popular blog

5 Things Not to Ask When Interviewing your Childcare Provider.

AuPairCare handles the au pair screening, but you know better than anyone what personality traits and values will fit best with your family, so keep that in mind when assessing candidates.Another thing that's sometimes forgotten? Making sureyou review family rules and expectations with anau pair before you officially match. Things like curfews, free time, etc. can be sticking points for families, so better for both you and your au pair to know what to expect before your match starts.

Use your First Week to get Comfortable and Set Expectations.

Your au pair's arrival is the time to start laying the groundwork for effective communication that will serve you well throughout the year. Start with the rules and expectations (we have a guide to setting au pair expections to help you) you discussed during the interview, reinforce those rules by printing them out and keeping them in a shared space. Also setting up weekly or biweekly check ins between you and your au pair is a great way to avoid miscommunications that can come with this new experience! Lastly, create a weekly schedule. Staying organized is a big part of keeping everyone happy and thriving.

Rely on your Area Director!

Don't forget that your local area director is available to advise, answer question or just to chat! Their job is to make sure that everyone is happy and healthy during the entire placement.

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