Tips and Tricks: Fun Activities with Kids

Tips and Tricks: Fun Activities with Kids

At AuPairCare, we love creativity, exploring and bonding with our kids. But as a busy parent, sometimes it is difficult to think up fun let alone educational activities. So we've provided some tips and tricks to pull out of your pocket whenever you need them!

  1. Learning Activities for Kids: We believe every activity should have a purpose, even if you have to hide it like the extra serving of veggies in their dinner. This collection of projects is so fun, like growing seeds in biodegradable ice cream cones, they'll never realize they're learning too!
  2. Redecorate a Kid-Friendly Space: Looking to save a few bucks but want to give your kids a play space? Sometimes all it takes is a few couch cushions and a blanket to build the Best. Fort. Ever.
  3. Inside Play: If the weather or a mild cold has little ones indoors, here's some great ideas ranging from motor skill development (balloon tennis) to refined, focused projects (finger painting).
  4. Cheese!: When you can't be there, talk with your au pair about having the kids use old digital cameras or smartphones to take pictures of their day and share it when you get home!
  5. Storytime: Sometimes we all need to slow down, pick up a good book and get lost in a story. With so many wonderful books to chose, we've compiled a few of our favorites, especially if your au pair isn't familiar with some American kid's classics.

Each link above shares more of our favorite ideas. And be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for new ideas!

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