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Ten Steps Toward Childcare Bliss

10 Tips for Having Great Au Pair Childcare

We do a lot to compare daycares, nannies, and au pairs here at AuPairCare – and we believe au pairs offer the best value in terms of quality childcare and cost. But no matter what your childcare option is, there are certain factors that can make or break your experience. Read AuPairCare’s 10 Steps Towards Childcare Bliss below!

  1. When interviewing a potential childcare provider, ask for specific examples of the types of daily activities he or she will engage in with your child. Their answers will give you a sense of their experience level, and also an idea of whether or not your child will enjoy the time they spend together.
  2. Choose a care provider that you will be able to get to know on a personal level, rather than just through quick drop-offs and pick-ups with minimal interaction.
  3. Emphasize learning in the childcare process, mental stimulation (language learning and educational games) are especially important at this age!
  4. Make sure the provider cares about your specific requests and concerns relating to childrearing -  from screen time to discipline.
  5. If you need childcare during non-traditional hours or on weekends, find a provider that charges the same rate regardless of what time the care is provided. 
  6. Make sure you’re comfortable and feel secure about the environment where your child is cared for - whether this is your own home, the provider’s home, a camp, or a daycare center.
  7. If your child has food allergies or your family simply adheres to a specific diet, be sure that your child care provider is abreast of those needs!
  8. If you have more than one child, look for a provider that offers discounts and family rates for enrolling or taking care of more than one child.
  9. Make sure your childcare tailors to age-specific needs. Infants require constant care from trained providers, while toddlers need nonstop stimulation and active discipline.
  10. Check for proof of First Aid and CPR training - you always want your provider to be able to handle a medical emergency!


For more information or to compare different forms of childcare, request our Ultimate Guide to Childcare below!

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