Spring Activities for Kids

Spring Activities for Kids

It's spring again! The days are getting longer and the cabin fever from being cooped up inside all winter is starting to go away. Now is the time to get outside as a host family and an au pair and have fun! Check out some cool ideas for spring activities.

1. With so many fruits and vegetables in season this time of year, it is a great opportunity to get your host kids involved in growing their own delicious food with their very own garden! For less than $25 the kids can have their own space to grow and be in charge of whatever they want. If you don't have a lot of outdoor space for planting (or don't want to deal with the mess) consider growing some thyme, mint, or basil inside a jar. When all you need is water, the fun is watching the roots and leaves develop and grow.

2. It is true April showers bring May flowers! But on those days when the rain is overwhelming, you have to find indoor activities to keep the kids occupied. Consider something fun like an indoor treasure hunt! You can set up all kinds of clues (rhyming helps) and make a really entertaining day for the little ones.

3. Where can you find a unicorn, dinosaurs, bunny rabbits and more? By looking up at the clouds of course! We all know kids have very active imaginations so why not have some fun, relax, look up at the sky and discuss the clouds. If you are so inclined mix in a science fact or two!

4. While we're on the subject of science, it can be great fun to learn a little about the tiny insects and bugs that come around this time of year. Many kids are apprehensive about bugs (and its OK, some are dangerous) but if you live in a part of the country where something like a lady bug is common, it can be an educational experience to help them understand that these little critters probably don't mean them any harm.

5. Spring cleaning in a busy household always uncovers items destined for the trash heap, but some of those discards can find a second life as creative pots. Imagine using old crocs as planting containers. All your host kids need is soil and seeds!

What else can you think of for spring activities? Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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