South African Nanny Finds A Career Caring for Lodi Triplets

South African Nanny Finds A Career Caring for Lodi Triplets

How far are you willing to go for a nanny? Another city? Another county? For one couple in Lodi, the search for an au pair took them all over the world  with the click of a button and they found the nanny they were looking for in South Africa.

Nanci Johnston's home seems peaceful on the outside, but on the inside the house is full of commotion, with busy parents, a golden retriever and an all-blonde, 2-year-old triplet troop. The Johnston's said they were always short on time when it came to balancing between home and work, and they needed an extra hand around the house. The kids are usually very good, but they are still 2-year-olds, Jeff Johnston said. Having an extra set of eyes means you can look both directions. That's where 23-year-old Jessica Dunnington came into the picture, becoming the first au pair from the AuPairCare program to end up in Lodi, according to employee Kimberly Shaw. The Johnston's found Dunnington while searching through the AuPairCare website, which is set up similarly to a social media site like Facebook.

James Striplin/News-Sentinel Staff Writer

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