Ohio Community Travels the World with Local Au Pairs

Ohio Community Travels the World with Local Au Pairs

Earlier this year, the community of Creekside Early Childhood school took a trip “around the world”! While no real airplanes were involved, over 300 students and their families had an amazing time learning all about different countries with the help of AuPairCare au pairs.

au pair china
au pair south africa

Creekside School, located in West Chester, Ohio, decided to have a special event called “Travel Our World”, where the school hosted the students and their families for a day of demonstrations, crafts, and presentations about different countries that make up their school’s student population. West Chester’s Area Director thought this would be a fantastic idea for the au pairs of the community, Jinling and Karin, to share their cultures with other students and families.

au pair china parent night
au pair south africa volunteers parent night

When the “Travel the World” night came around, each student’s country was set up in a different classroom. Visitors were given a blank passport when they arrived and would check off each country they “traveled” to. Visitors went from room to room learning about the diverse cultures, languages, customs, and traditions of the world. The au pairs volunteered in their respective countries – China and South Africa – and enjoyed sharing what life is like in their home countries with the students. Meanwhile, the students were very interested in learning first hand from the au pairs! Jinling showed students how to properly use chopsticks, and Karin taught the students all about the different languages in Africa through a special crayon activity. It was an engaging learning experience for all who attended, and the girls loved speaking about their experiences of being an au pair and talking about their home countries!

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