June Is National Safety Month

June Is National Safety Month

It's finally June, which as you know means summer vacations, rising temperatures and lots of fun! What you may not know is that June is also National Safety Month in the United States. The National Safety Council, along with AuPairCare and thousands of other organizations across the country take this time to promote awareness about what it takes to keep you and your loved ones safe and thriving.

Every week this month, the National Safety Council will be highlighting a different safety theme, here's how AuPairCare supports each of those themes year round.

Week #1: Stay Ready To Respond

Safety is a top priority for au pairs - after all they will be taking care of children. That is why AuPairCare puts such a strong emphasis on safety at AuPair Academy. Before an emergency situation occurs, it is important to create emergency plans with host parents and make sure emergency contact information is readily available. Another tip is to always consider the little details that will matter in an emergency, like making sure your phone is always charged, that you know where the fire extinguishers are, etc.

In the unlikely event that an emergency situation does arise, being calm and prepared is very important . As a reminder when something does go awry:

    Do not panic, stay calm
  • Call 911
  • Be prepared to give all necessary information to the emergency personnel
  • Use your home phone if available and your cell phone if the home phone is unavailable
  • Make sure your phone is charged at all times

Week #2: Be Healthy

Living in another country is an amazing experience, one that affects the mind, body, and soul. With that, it's important for au pairs to embrace everything this program has to offer, but at the same time recognize any feelings of homesickness and work through them accordingly. We share a lot of tips on how host parents can help au pairs with homesickness, but here are a few things au pairs can do as well:

    Stay engaged by making a bucket list of things to do in the United States
  • Keep in touch with family and friends back home (but not too much!)
  • Put pen to paper and document your journey

Week #3: Watch Out for Dangers

During the summer we tend to spend more time outdoors, and increased activity means paying more attention to the dangers that come along with warm weather.

  • Apply sunscreen on your host children when taking them outside
  • Give your host children all of your attention when they are around water
  • Ask your host parents what insects are in your neighborhood and how you should protect your host children from bug bites
  • Keep band aids and other first aid items close by

Week #4: Share Roads Safely

Anyone behind the wheel of a car, whether an au pair or host parent, has a duty to keep their passengers and fellow drivers safe. Distracted Driving Awareness is such an important initiative so here are some important things for everyone to remember when driving:

    25% of all car crashes involve cell phones,


    put your phone away while driving
  • Never text and drive.
  • Give driving your complete attention, always keep your eyes on the road
  • Remember, it is more important to drive safely than to entertain children while in the car. Focus on driving and pull over into a parking lot or driveway if you must address a crying or misbehaving child
  • Always be aware of blind spots (areas surrounding the vehicle that cannot be seen while in the driver seat) even prior to starting the car. Ensure children are clear of the driveway before backing up.

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