Everything You Need to Know About National Interest Exceptions

Everything You Need to Know About National Interest Exceptions

You may have some questions about whether international travel is possible, and if current travel restrictions relating to COVID-19 will impact your arrival. We have great news - AuPairCare has welcomed hundreds of au pairs this year from a wide variety of countries and continues to welcome even more this year and into 2022!

However, due to COVID-19 and to US Presidential Proclamation 10143, entry to the US is not currently permitted from select countries until November 8, 2021, such as China and South Africa. At the moment, au pairs from these countries can only enter the US prior to November 8, 2021, if they meet the requirements for a National Interest Exception. AuPairCare has helped many au pairs and families successfully apply for a National Interest exception. Au pairs who are eligible for the NIE for entry to the U.S. will apply for the Exception when applying for the J-1 au pair visa to enter the U.S. Watch the video below for a breakdown!

Frequently Asked Questions About National Interest Exception

Which au pairs are eligible for the National Interest Exception?

  • Au pairs who are matched with a host family where at least one parent works in the medical field and provide direct care to individuals who have contracted COVID-19; and/or those involved in research related to COVID-19.
  • Au pairs with special qualifications and/or experience to care for a host child who requires specific care such as medical, special education, or sign language and children who have been diagnosed by a medical individual.

When does the au pair apply for the National Interest Exception?

  • Au pairs will submit to their local U.S embassy the documentation required for the exception when applying for the J-1 visa or will bring the documentation to the Visa interview at the U.S embassy.

What documentation is needed for the National Interest Exception?

Option A: Medical Provider Exception

  • Cover letter from the Host Family on AuPairCare letterhead
  • Employer statement confirming the host provides direct care to COVID-19 patients or how their work contributes to the mitigation of COVID-19.
  • The statement should be on company/hospital/facility letterhead
  • Signed by a superior/department chair/Human Resources with contact information

Option B: Particular Needs Exception

  • Cover letter from the Host Family on AuPairCare letterhead
  • Documentation from the child's doctor confirming medical diagnosis
  • Documentation of the au pair's skill set or qualifications (i.e., teaching credential, nursing license) confirming she/he has the skill set needed to care for the host child with particular needs.

The host family will send their cover letter and supporting documentation directly to their au pair for submission during the visa application process. The au pair will follow the local embassy processes for application and document submission. Au pairs and host families can also review this document as a guide for the process to apply for the National Interest Exception.

Support when applying for the National Interest Exception

  • Au pairs will be supported by our overseas partner office in their home country with regard to the process to apply for the National Interest Exception.
  • Processes to apply may vary from embassy to Embassy and our overseas partners have the best knowledge of the process in their home country.
  • AuPairCare recommends maintaining close contact with your au pair after matching as she/he will be updated by the embassy directly regarding their request for the National Interest Exception.

We are hopeful that your request will be approved; however, we would like to note that AuPairCare does not have control over visa appointments at embassies and consulate offices around the world. Requesting a National Interest exception for your au pair is a request and not a guarantee. As always, visas are granted or denied at the discretion and direction of each individual consulate office and we still have to consider current global travel restrictions in effect as we plan your au pair's earliest arrival.

Have additional questions regarding the National Interest Exception?

Please feel free to contact your Matching Expert if you have additional questions regarding the process to apply for the National Interest Exception. You can find their information in the "Contact Us" section for your Portal.

Happy Matching!

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