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My Host Family Experience; Cecilie's Ultimate Host Mom

Au Pair and Host Mom

We reached out to our Au Pairs and asked them to share why they felt their host mom deserved the title of AuPairCare's Ultimate Host Mom! Danish Au pair Cecilie, wrote this amazing essay about her host mom Summer!

Is Summer the best host mom ever? That’s an easy question to answer - YES! Now that we have established that, let us look at what makes her such an awesome host mom. That calls for a lot more complicated answer than just; yes. From the first moment I arrived in the States I knew I had found myself the right place to be. Summer and I clicked from the beginning. Summer does a ton of very cool stuff for me. Being away from your family a whole year can be really hard, someday are worse than others, your birthday for example.

Summer knew it would be hard for me to be away from my family this day, so she did everything possible to make it a fabulous day for me.

Summer knew it would be hard for me to be away from my family this day, so she did everything possible to make it a fabulous day for me. She started the day making me my favorite breakfast of all time, and gave me the day off, so I could enjoy myself. For dinner her and her husband took me out to one of their favorite Mexican restaurants, and as if that wasn’t enough, she threw me a birthday party, where she cooked delicious food and invited all my friends, just as my mom would’ve done it at home.

She opened her home to my brother, who came to visit for 2 weeks, and a month after he left, she again kindly let my parents stay here for 2 weeks. It meant the world to me, that Summer would let my parents stay here for their visit, and not only that she would let them stay, but that she enjoyed getting to know my parents. The most important things though, are not the all the cool things Summer does for me, but what she is for me. I am truly blessed to have Summer in my life. She is loving and kind in everything she does. She sets a good example for me, and leads me towards making better decisions in my life.

The thing Summer values the most in her life is her family, and she has taken me in and made me a part of that family. She trusts me to be a part of disciplining and guiding her four wonderful children, and for that I’m truly grateful. Summer is really awesome, and I love to spend time with her. Being away from family and friends back home is really hard, but having someone like Summer by your side makes it a whole lot easier, and the way I feel appreciated in this family makes it worth it, and therefore Summer deserves to be acknowledged for being the way she is, and making me feel the way I feel about being here. Cecilie and her host family live in Texas.

Thanks for sharing this amazing essay Cecilie!  

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