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Kid Friendly Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost Father’s Day and we look forward to celebrating all of the amazing host Dads out there.  If you and your host kids want to roll up your sleeves and make a gift for dad, visit the site below for some inspiration and step by step instructions.


This edible shirt and tie treat for Dad created by SheKnows is one of our favorites cooking ideas.  Little hands can make a delicious and cute snack for dad, with relatively little help.


Source: SheKnows


Do you have a dad that is a snacker? This super adorable idea from the LilLuna blog is also easy for children of all ages with just a little help from an au pair or parent.  





This was shared by an editor at HGTV, and we love it! This personalized tray can be easily customized for your dad.  Kids will probably need a fair amount of help from their au pair to put this together but we’re sure the results will be well worth it.  




We can't wait to see what you create. Tag AuPairCare on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook and let us see what you've crafted.


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