12 Indoor Activities for Kids While Staying at Home

12 Indoor Activities for Kids While Staying at Home

While social distancing might mean changing your children's normal routine, there are still a ton of great ways to keep them occupied while they stay indoors. Check out these awesome indoor activities that your kids will love!

  1. Create your own play or movie: You and your kids are the leading stars in your very own production. Pull out your old costumes and record them for your future memories.
  2. Plan a scavenger hunt around the house: Create clues to find items hidden all around the house.
  3. Practice and perform a mini concert: Now's the time to pull out your kid's favorite hits. From 'Baby Shark', 'Let it Go', or 'Old Town Road', they will have the time of their lives performing the hits!
  4. Stretch and relax with an at-home yoga class: Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga for some awesome kid-themed yoga classes.
  5. Have a cupcake decorating contest: Whip up some quick cupcakes and let your kids decorate with multi-color frosting.
  6. Practice phrases in a new language: This is the perfect time to practice those language skills! Learn a couple of phrases and practice them throughout the day.
  7. Write letters to family and friends: Have the kids write letters to their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends. They can write about what they have learned at school this year, what activities they have done, books they have read, or movies they have watched.
  8. Have a tea party: Put on your best high tea outfits and prepare for a delectable afternoon of tea and crumpets.
  9. Go camping in the living room: Set up a tent or build a pillow fort in the living room and pretend to camp! This can include eating smores, an indoor picnic, and campfire stories.
  10. Have a puzzle day: Start a new puzzle together. Or, print out crossword puzzles, sudoku, or word search puzzles to solve!
  11. Game Day: Bring out the board games and cards for an awesome day of games.
  12. Paint: Create your own works of art to display! Create a portrait of your family, your pet, a landscape, or more.

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