How to Tackle Stress Awareness Month

How to Tackle Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month, which means recognizing that we do get stressed, while also finding effective ways to tackle it and relax. Whether you’re an au pair or a host parent, stress will sneak up on you or come full force when handling your kids. Between work, school, and activities, it can seem too overwhelming at times. Sit back and relax, because here are our tips to de-stress this April.

yoga meditation for family, au pairs, and kids


Even though it can be hard to find the time, exercise is a great way to let go of the stress from the day. Not only does it keep you physically healthy and energized, but also provides mental clarity and gives you that much needed “you time”. Carve out an hour in your day so you can go for a quick run or yoga class to take care of yourself.


Between apps and books, there are plenty of ways to meditate. Make it your own and do what feels right for you. Take ten minutes to yourself and find a serene place to block out the craziness of your day.

de-stress with furry friends, fun for the whole family

Find some furry friends

Sometimes the best medicine is a cuddle from a furry friend. Snuggle with your pet or head to your local animal shelter to experience an extra dose of love for the day.

Spend time outside

Winter can be hard on us since we’re forced to spend so much time indoors. All you need is some vitamin D to make you feel better. Go for a hike, have a picnic, or go for a bike ride outside and soak up the sunshine.

read outside to de-stress and to get some fresh air

Read, listen to music, or watch a movie

Take a break from the real world and enjoy a favorite activity of yours. Music, books, and movies are fun and easy ways to provide a much-needed distraction from your stress.

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