How Au Pair Childcare Improves Work-Life Balance

How Au Pair Childcare Improves Work-Life Balance

Looking for a childcare solution that helps you to balance it all? Check out the following reasons that au pair childcare improves work-life balance.

1. More quality time and bonding: Leave behind the stress of completing a full day at work just to return home to your second shift of chores and housework. Au pairs can assist with light household childcare-related tasks such as doing your children's laundry, keeping their rooms tidy, preparing their meals, helping with homework, and bathing and dressing your children. With au pair childcare, you can return home to spend real quality time bonding with your children.

2. Better productivity at work and more focus at home: Go to work knowing your children are safe, happy, and cared for by your au pair. When you don't have to worry about your childcare, you can be more productive at work and focus on spending quality time with your kids when you are at home.

3. Help with the morning routine: Routine is key for your family and a good one is invaluable. Instead of doing one million things to get everyone ready for the day, rely on your au pair to help you pack lunches, get your children ready for the day, and take them to school. With the help of your au pair, you will be able to focus and prepare yourself for the day prior to heading to work.

4. Smooth after school schedule and transport: As a working parent, you might have asked yourself, 'Do the kids have ballet class, basketball practice, tutoring, or piano lessons today?!' With an au pair, there is no need to stress over how you will transport your kids to all of their many activities. Your au pair will help you and your kids have a seamless after school transition to their activities.

5. Flexibility for your changing schedule: Last-minute business trips, staying late for a meeting, or arriving early to work is a common occurrence for many working parents. One of the greatest benefits of au pair childcare is that it works on a schedule that matches your family's needs. Au pairs work on a schedule that you both set, giving you flexibility week to week.

6. Take fewer sick days: Typically, when your child is feeling under the weather, it is necessary to call in sick to nurse them back to health. With an au pair being part of your household, your au pair will take amazing care of them while they're surrounded by all the comforts of home.

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