How an Au Pair Can Help You In 2017

How an Au Pair Can Help You In 2017

What are your resolutions for 2017? For many American families the list includes desire to spend more quality time with loved ones, save a little more and decrease stress. Did you know that matching with an au pair can help you achieve these goals? While they won't help you lose those extra few pounds, welcoming an au pair now can help you meet some of your resolutions for the new year!

Resolution #1: Spend More Time With Family

One of the biggest benefits parents discover after welcoming their au pair is having more quality time to spend with their children. If you aren't worried about fixing dinner, doing laundry or handling bath time you'll have the time (and energy) to help with homework or snuggle up for bedtime stories!
Remember date night? Having an au pair in home lets you keep that weekly night with your spouse " no special occasion required!

Resolution #2: Spend Less, Save More

Daycare is expensive! Registration fees, late fees and supply costs can all add up pretty quickly. Au pair childcare offers a competitive rate for care that is the same no matter how many children you have. Compare the costs of au pair childcare and daycare for yourself.

Resolution #3: Manage Stress Better, Get Organized

We know, matching with an au pair will not eliminate all of your stress -- but it should help you take some things off your plate! When you have to meet work deadlines, take the car to the shop or have a child that needs to stay home from school you can take comfort in knowing you have another set of hands available to help.

We have new au pairs available every day, reach out to your matching expert today for advice on selecting the right au pair for your family!

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