Featured Au Pair: Sabrina from Austria

Featured Au Pair: Sabrina from Austria

Words cannot possibly describe the blessing Sabrina has been to our family during 2020. This year has been a particularly challenging one for all of humanity. In addition, our family has been battling a very rare and aggressive cancer making this year particularly difficult. Sabrina has been there every step of the way - bringing joy, unwavering support, and delicious Austrian treats to our home.

When Sabrina arrived, our 5-month-old was already experiencing separation anxiety and stranger danger. However, from day one, it was love at first sight with Sabrina. On her first day, baby Benny melted into her arms and was completely at peace. Sabrina is a natural-born caregiver and second mommy to our baby. She has watched every one of his firsts and I could not imagine sharing this intimate experience with anyone else.

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The joy and happiness she has brought to our family during a very dark year is indescribable. She was dealt a difficult hand - arriving 6 weeks before lockdown. She was not able to travel or meet new friends as she had dreamed. However, she did everything in her power to remain positive, hopeful, and happy. In my mind, no one is more deserving of this award and travel voucher than our "ina".

Sabrina has gone above and beyond to share her culture with our family. We get daily updates from her family and already feel we have a second home in Austria. She introduced our baby to an Austrian/German song, which is the only thing that will calm him on difficult days and truly got us through 2020. Above all, her magic in our kitchen is unforgettable. We have experienced Austrian treats for every occasion. She not only has made them for us, but has taken the time to teach me how to make them myself, so I can carry on the traditions once she leaves.

Sabrina's calm and caring nature has been so critical for our baby's development. Thanks to her consistent and nurturing care, Benny is a secure and healthy toddler. He loves her so very much and is often found running around the house calling her name when she is not home.

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There are so many special moments to share and impossible to choose. One of my favorite memories with Sabrina was our family trip to Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras. We had such an incredible time during what was a very difficult summer for those of us in California. In addition to our travels together, the special moments I will remember the most are the everyday ones. Cooking dinner, chatting, and laughing about Benny's daily adventures. Shouting 'meal time' simultaneously before every meal. Dressing up in reindeer suits for the family holiday cookie day. Starbucks drive through just because. Afternoon coffee and Austrian treats. Assembling Ikea furniture. And lastly, saying the same words/sentences at the same exact time because our connection is a very real and special one.

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