Featured Au Pair: Maud from France

Featured Au Pair: Maud from France

Our au pair is amazing because she is like a part of our family! She is so easy to get along with, always sees the positive side of things, and always volunteers to help out, even when she is 'off'. My kids and my whole family adore her sweet personality. I think our puppy even likes her more than the puppy likes me! She is considerate, caring, she has made so many friends, and she plays with the kids actively, she is really engaged like a big sister which makes the kids respect everything she says because she is always paying attention and clear with her rules.

She tells us lots of fun stories from her family back home in France, like about the 'gache' that her father cooked the other day, even though he doesn't like to cook! She shares with us how her family is celebrating holidays (like when she spent Christmas with us this year. ) She loves to try new things for dinner and she inspired me to make stuffed courgettes which I'd never thought of. She makes crepes for fun dinners for the kids when we go out. Also, our kids are speaking wonderful French thanks to her two years with us. During homeschooling, she is helping me think of new vocabulary words to put on our word wall, (in French and English), so that the kids are learning new things every day in a fun way.

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Maud could have gone back to France earlier than planned, but we are tremendously grateful that she stayed with us. She has such a positive effect on our house hold, she keeps us zen as we manage two full-time careers and homeschooling. She has gone above and beyond by helping with one of our three children for homeschooling. She realizes how hard this is for the kids and has tons of patience. I don't know how we would have lived through this COVID-19 period without her help!

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