Exchange Day 2023: Around the World in Texas

Exchange Day 2023: Around the World in Texas

At AuPairCare, celebrating cultural exchange and fostering a sense of community is at the heart of our mission. That’s why Exchange Day is one of the most important events we recognize throughout the year. In August, Texas Area Director Leslie Marks hosted an unforgettable “Eat, Play, Give” Exchange Day Celebration at her home, where au pairs made connections through sharing food and bonding over their unique program experiences.

The event was a delightful homage to the diverse backgrounds of AuPairCare au pairs. Each au pair was given a "passport" and stickers representing various countries, encouraging them to visit and interact with one another. As they connected, the au pairs began sharing stories, experiences, and their cultural heritage. Au pairs laughed and learned as they journeyed through different 'countries,' creating an atmosphere brimming with newfound knowledge and friendships.

Au pairs further shared their unique cultures by bringing desserts that represented their home countries. And in the spirit of their shared Texas experience, au pairs dined on a delicious taco bar, which further emphasized the fusion of culture through cuisine.

The event not only offered an opportunity for au pairs to learn about different countries, but also enabled them to forge strong friendships and connections. Exchange Day highlights the importance and beauty of cultural exchange experiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.

Au Pair Maya from Brazil shared how impactful her program year has been, writing:

“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to make friends from different countries. I also have a family in this country too! I love my family."

Au Pair Amiee from South Africa also explained how important cultural exchange programs like the au pair program are.

"This program helped me meet my forever American family,” she told Area Director Leslie. “No matter where I go, this will always be my second home. I also made a few lifelong friends."

Exchange Day is a celebration of the transformative power of cultural exchange, fostering connections that go beyond boundaries and creating a tapestry of shared experiences and lasting friendships. AuPairCare remains committed to nurturing these incredible connections and experiences for participants in the J-1 visa program.

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