Digital Holiday Cookie Decorating for Au Pairs and Families

Digital Holiday Cookie Decorating for Au Pairs and Families

In the month of December, we held a Holiday Cookie Decorating event led by Sweet Samantha, a professional baker who has on popular American shows like Cake Wars and Sweet Genius. Sweet Samantha’s cakes have been featured in countless magazine photos, print, and articles, and our participants were excited to learn from an expert! The au pairs were also excited to bake traditional cookies during this holiday season. During the event, Samantha went over the steps on how to create the cookies from start to finish, while the audience followed along in their kitchen. They made sugar cookie dough, cookie glaze, buttercream, all from scratch, and their designs turned out amazing! AuPairCare au pairs, host families, and staff across the country enjoyed decorating these delicious holiday cookies with their family and community.

hosting the aupaircare cookie decorating event

leading aupaircare virtual cookie decorating event

AuPairCare Regional Manager Kim Sullivan said, “My family & I had so much fun making these cookies. We couldn’t get them to look like Sweet Samantha’s, but we had fun doing it! Loved this event!

Au pair Andrea from Ecuador said to Sweet Samantha, “Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot :).”

This event was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, while building connections from afar. During the event, they even took a poll discussing their favorite cookie decorations, types of cookies, and holiday treats. It was amazing to see au pairs and their host kids working together and making something delicious for the whole family to enjoy! It was truly an engaging event that gave our au pairs and host families the opportunity to learn from a professional, while participating in a fun shared activity with the AuPairCare community!

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