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Countries and Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is the heart of our au pair program. Au pairs are so much more than a live-in nanny; simply by being around other cultures, your little ones become more adaptable, global citizens.  To help you navigate the many new cultures we bring to the U.S., we’ve created a series of blogs to highlight au pair countries & cultural knowledge, along with great stories and ideas on how to introduce your au pair to the United States.

Au Pair Playing Sports with Host Children

Sports Around the World!

A great way to learn more about cultures around the world is through their unique customs. In this blog, we're examining sports around the world!

Wednesday, October 26th

AuPairCare Video Contest Second Place Winner

This summer we asked host families and au pairs to enter a video contest that would show exactly how the AuPairCare program brings together people from all over the world. See the second place winning entry!

Saturday, October 22nd

AuPairCare Celebrates J Day Across the Country

On August 1st  all around the country AuPairCare staff and program participants got together to celebrate J-Day. Here are three stories from across the United States that share how we chose to showcase the J-Day motto: #eatplaygive.

Thursday, September 8th

Au Pair Country Culture Highlight Ecuador

AuPairCare welcomes many Ecuadorian au pairs to the U.S. each year. Their warm family-oriented nature can make you feel almost immediately that you’ve gained another family member. Here are some of the attributes of Ecuadorian au pairs to consider as you search for your au pair.  

Sunday, August 14th

Back To School Around the World Infographic

Can you believe it’s already time to start planning for back to school?  In our Infographic “Back to School Around the World” we take a look at different back to school facts across cultures.

Thursday, August 6th

Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: Czech Republic

Au pairs from the Czech Republic often describe themselves as being flexible and excited about the au pair program. Learn more about Czech au pairs in this edition of AuPairCare's country and culture highlight series.

Thursday, June 18th

Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: China

Chinese young people have started embracing the idea of being an au pair over the past few years and the number of au pairs from the country are expected to continue to grow. China has a rich and ancient culture, and by welcoming a Chinese au pair into your home you can experience this unique culture first-hand!

Monday, May 18th

Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: Turkey

Turkey is a fascinating country with a long and rich history. Turkish people are family-oriented, but young people in Turkey also like to socialize on their own. The idea of being an au pair is catching on in Turkey, as young people are excited to practice English and experience American culture, which in turn improves their job potential in Turkey upon their return.

Tuesday, March 24th
Au-Pairs-from-Italy- AuPairCare

Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: Italy

Italians see becoming an au pair as a great opportunity to practice their English skills, experience a new culture, and greatly improve their job potential when they return home. This, combined with the strong cultural focus on family leads Italian au pairs to be great additions to your home.

Friday, February 20th
Mexico Map

Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: Mexico

As the most populous Spanish-speaking nation, Mexico is a country rich in culture. Mexico is also the birthplace of mariachi music and home to foods such as barbacoa, mole, tamales, avocados and the ever-important cocoa bean! The strong cultural, economic and demographic ties between the United States and Mexico make Mexican Au Pairs a favorite pick of many host families.

Tuesday, January 20th