Connecting Through Language & Libraries

Connecting Through Language & Libraries

At AuPairCare, we understand that learning a new language is at the heart of many cultural exchange experiences. Because of this, one of our philanthropy tenets is Literacy & Libraries, as we believe that supporting literacy and a love of learning through volunteer work can foster cultural connection through language-sharing.

Public libraries are a uniquely American institution, often serving as a makeshift gathering-place and all-around safe spaces in communities throughout the U.S.

Recently, AuPairCare au pair Layse from Brazil has upheld AuPairCare values by volunteering at a local library in her free time. Layse explains that she always knew she wanted to give back to the community while on-program in the US, and volunteering at the library seemed like a perfect opportunity.

“I already came to the US with the idea of doing some volunteer work as a way of doing something good with my time here,” Layse said. “I went to the library often because I love to read, and I saw a flyer saying that they needed volunteers, and that's how I found out about it. "

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Layse finds the public library an exciting part of American culture. Although she loves to read, there are not as many public libraries in Brazil as there are in the U.S.

Since she has been volunteering at the library, she says that both her host parents and her host children are supportive of her hobby. Like Layse, her host mom is a book-lover and Layse often takes her host kids to the library for them to choose a book to bring back home. Layse has bonded with the library staff and will take these fond friendship memories home with her.

“They are really nice to me and they say that it is nice to have a young person volunteering with them, since [usually] only older people do it," she said, about her library colleagues.

Layse's generosity and commitment to giving back has impressed everyone, especially the staff at AuPairCare. "Layse has gone to the next level and started volunteering at the local library, combining her passion for reading and giving back to the community," said Area Director Ellen. "She truly is experiencing the cultural aspect of this program.”

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