Matching With a Host Family

Matching With a Host Family

Mutual matching is one of the essential parts of AuPairCare's program. This means that a host family can offer the match to an au pair, and the au pair can agree or disagree. It is a decision you should think about carefully, as being with the right family is one of the best ways to set up a fulfilling program year!

The first step is to ask lots of questions in your interview. Ask how much driving they will need, how they discipline their children, why they want to host an au pair. These kinds of questions will allow you to really get to know the family. It also helps the family know that these things are important to you! If all goes well after two interviews, the next step is that the host family will offer you a match.

When you are considering a match offer, don't worry as much about the family's location in the United States or the size of their family. Ask yourself questions like 'Do I feel I will fit in well with this family?' and 'Do I have the skills and experience required to meet this family's childcare needs?' Au pairs find quickly that they fall in love with their new community no matter where it is, and bond with their host family's children regardless of how many children are in the family.

If you feel that the family you are interviewing with is a good fit, then you can agree to match! You'll no longer be able to match with another family so again be sure it is the right choice for you. The next step after that is to decide an arrival date and you'll be on your way to the United States!

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