Brazilian Au Pair Camilla Writes a Children's Book

Brazilian Au Pair Camilla Writes a Children's Book

A recent former au pair, Camilla from Brazil, recently published a wonderful children's book, Cece's Stars, and we could not be more proud of her! During her time as an au pair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Camilla reminisced on her own childhood while caring for her three great host children. From the games they played, the meals they shared, and time spent together as a family, Camilla was reminded of the many positive memories children build when they're surrounded by love at home. To express her feelings, she restarted writing her children's story and worked with a friend of hers to illustrate the book.  

Hear from Camilla in her own words about her children's book, Cece's Stars:

au pair camilla from brazil writes digital children's book

"Cece’s Stars it's a dream come true. Before I went to the US I wrote the book, but it was just a project. I was in my Master’s so I was not thinking about the project anymore. After I finished my Master's I decided to do the au pair exchange [program] because I love working with kids and because of the true cultural knowledge.

When I was working with my kids it made me remember my own childhood. I started showing to them the games that I used to play, the things that I used to do like playing theater, and even the techniques my mom used with me to help me eat vegetables. I had good insights with them and also I learned a lot. At this time I shared with them my book project and my host parents and my host kids were very supportive and they were excited about it and they said to me I should do it in English.  My host kids loved it and I think I just want other kids to have the feeling I had when my Dad read it for me.

brazilian au pair camilla writes children's book

That pushes me to start translating and illustrating, and with a friend's help, the book came out. I have awesome friends that I met in the au pair meetings and I shared my project with them. In the future, we will have not just the Portuguese and English versions, but also in German and Italian.

I could not be more happy and grateful for the program, I know sometimes the feeling of missing our families hits hard, but besides that, it's always a lot to learn and grow. I thank you and the company for providing me that and also sharing my project."

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