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AuPairCare Reviews and Testimonials

AuPairCare Reviews and Testimonials

At AuPairCare, we're dedicated to improving lives through cultural exchange by matching U.S. families with international au pairs. We’ve received some amazing awards at AuPairCare over the years, but nothing quite compares to the ratings, reviews and testimonials that our parents and au pairs share with us!

Au Pair Reviews


I always heard that home is where your heart beats, and mine definitely beats in America. Thanks to AuPairCare I now have a home, family, friends, and unforgettable memories that I never would have had before. #eternallygreatful

Naomi, Au Pair from South Africa


The best thing about the AuPairCare program is that they give us so much support when we need something, is a very reliable program, and is the best way to connect people from all over the world, making host parents life easier. Host families, kids and au pairs are learning from each other. Also see your kids growing up and learning new things from you is just amazing!

Hilia, Au Pair from Chile


The best thing about the AuPairCare program is that makes everyone soooo happy! Host families, host kids and Aupairs! I'm really glad to be part of this program!

Laura, Au Pair from Spain


Being an au pair changed my life, and my way to see the world changed completely! In my country you must have good English skills and a college degree in order to get a good job. I'm currently working in an English school where I teach teenagers and adults English as a second language in the city where I live and going to college and I love it! Thanks to my experience abroad I got the job!

Jessica, Au Pair from Brazil

Host Family Reviews


With additional hands to help, we have had better lives, and it's our au pair Feli's enthusiasm that has made all the difference. 

Erb Family, Sacramento, California


Gillian not only brings a peace of mind that the children are cared for especially when we are not around, but she also provides reassurance that they are being loved and cared for in a way that genuinely shows affection. She is also constantly thinking of ways to make our lives better and less stressful so that we can enjoy the time we share with our children.

Gaudio Family, Ashburn, Virginia


Our au pair Elisabet joined our family in June of 2013, six weeks before the arrival of our second child. She instantly connected with our daughter and made herself a part of our home. When I think back to her first few weeks, it seems as though she was always a part of our family.

Ochoa Family, Coronado, California


We had read through at least a hundred other profiles and felt confused and conflicted about using an au pair as the right childcare option for our family.  Once we found Sara however, we knew this is what we wanted.  Her experience and her mannerisms, the way she wrote and her views of life match ours, as if we were made for each other.

Lovelace Family, Lynwood, Washington