AuPairCare Reviews and Testimonials

AuPairCare Reviews and Testimonials

At AuPairCare, we're dedicated to improving lives through cultural exchange by matching U.S. families with international au pairs. We've received some amazing awards at AuPairCare over the years, but nothing quite compares to the ratings, reviews and testimonials that our parents and au pairs share with us!

The Dai Family From Seattle and their Japanese Au Pair Sakura

“Sakura has been part of our family for the past 12+ months. We know her extension year started not too long ago, but thinking we only have 4 more months with her makes us feel sad already. [...] She has also went extra miles to help us when I (Host Mom) had to work a lot of hours and during nights to launch new products. Stressed and exhausted, having Sakura's help was a lifesaver. Amelia and Jonah aren't the only ones who gained a sister - I also feel I have a little sister here. [...] Through her, we've been able to get more insight into what's like to live in Okinawa [...] which has made us want to visit Okinawa even more. [...] We wished there had been no limit as to how long Au Pairs could stay! We know our lives will feel so much different without Sakura. We appreciate her and AuPairCare so much!

The Lazar Family from California and their Au Pair from Montenegro

Marijana is a person who always puts others first, and not just my kids. She is always there to lend me a helping hand, when there is chaos in our home, which there usually is since my boys are one, two and four years old. She is always smiling, always has sweet words to say, and is always positive. She has always handled my three boys with care and love. She knows instinctively how to handle difficult situations, when the boys are misbehaving, without resorting to yelling or punishment. She takes each challenge that comes her way with grace and always finds the right words to say. I see the love on her face each time she looks or speaks to my kids and that is how I know she cares for them deeply

The Stenger Family from Ohio with their Turkish Au Pair Selay

“Initially, we thought hosting an Au Pair would be a one-time experience but having Selay with us has been incredible. Not only does she provide a significant value to our family by taking care of our young girls, but we greatly benefit from the culture, generosity, and happiness that she brings us. She is truly an irreplaceable part of our family and it has become hard to imagine our lives without her. We are so grateful she was willing to spend her second Au Pair year with us! [...]
Selay has a background in childhood psychology and experience working in a kindergarten which has benefited us immensely. She has become part of our family discussions when it comes to learning, discipline, and development of our girls. They are constantly changing at their young ages and Selay consistently offers helpful insights we would not have had otherwise. I admire her ability to be outgoing and playful but also direct when discipline is needed. It has been wonderful to watch how she's helped our 3-year old develop working through development activities like counting, recognizing letters and numbers as well as mastering puzzles and mazes. [...]
She has given us back the flexibility to work when we need to work and time to focus on our kids 100% when work finishes because everything else is in order. Selay is the Ultimate Au Pair because of the love, generosity, and culture she brings to our family.”

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