Au Pairs Tour the White House

Au Pairs Tour the White House

In March, 53 au pairs had the opportunity to visit the White House in Washington D.C.  The group was thrilled to walk through the galleries and view incredible photographs of Presidents, Foreign Dignitaries, and celebrities that have all made their journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Amazed, the au pairs walked through the reception areas in the East Wing, where Kings, Queens, and timeless icons have attended dinners, galas, and news briefs.

A smaller group of au pairs walked across the street to visit the White House Visitor’s Center to watch a film on the history of the White House. The au pairs learned about the experiences of past Presidents, First Ladies, First Children, and White House Staff Members.

While reflecting, Andres, an au pair from Spain shared,

In Spain, people don’t experience the level of patriotism that I see in the US. I appreciate the pride observed by so many people for the US.

Page, an au pair from Australia stated that she

finds it surprising to see our national flag displayed in so many places, both public and private, which is something uniquely ‘American’.

The au pairs took many photos and enjoyed their time learning about the history and government of the USA. Many shared details about the leaders of their home countries, and how they felt about their leadership.

The local Area Director that escorted the au pairs throughout the tour noted that

As a former high school teacher, it was an enlightening experience, to be provided such a new perspective through the eyes of these young adults.
AuPairCare au pairs travel to the White House in D.C.

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